(NOTE: The info in this section is from our 2015 sign-up campaign referring to our original plan. MBI has since rejected building a regional network. The resulting inefficiency both in constructing networks and operating them have forced us to re-work a regional operation plan.  See Key Features and Benefits of The WiredWest Regional Broadband Solution for details and pricing of our current plan.)

Join the campaign to bring broadband to your town!

WiredWest is a cooperative of small towns in western Massachusetts dedicated to bringing affordable, reliable, high-speed internet to those of us who have been without it for too long.

Thirty-one towns are working together to build and operate a regional state-of-the-art fiber-optic network that will bring high-speed internet, phone, TV and more to our homes and businesses.  Ultimately, we will build critical infrastructure in our region that will provide jobs, improve education and healthcare, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our communities.

However, if we want this to happen, it’s up to us. For our towns to become “Fiber Towns” and be part of the WiredWest network, there are two things we have to do:

  1. 40% of the households in each town must sign a conditional commitment for service and make a $49 deposit, to be applied to a customer’s first month’s bill.
  2. The cost to build the network in the 32 towns is an estimated $79 million. The state is contributing up to 40% of the funds, but the towns must provide the rest.  A 2/3rd majority vote in a town meeting is needed to approve borrowing the funds each town must contribute as its portion of costs.

It’s time to take that critical first step and indicate your interest in taking service on the WiredWest network by joining the campaign.

The $49 deposit indicates your interest in WiredWest’s basic package featuring 25 Mbps Internet, which is three times as fast as the best local offering today. Faster speeds and additional packages will also be available for sign-up closer to launch, including:

❑ 100 Mbps superfast internet service for $79 a month

❑ One gigabit (1000 Mbps) ultrafast internet service for $109 a month

❑ Fully-featured phone service, with nationwide calling, for an additional $25 a month

❑ TV service (competitive pricing and channel offerings to be determined)

❑ Seasonal internet rates for part-time residents (pricing to be determined)

Terms of Deposit:

I agree that my deposit will be held in escrow until service becomes available, which may not be for two years or more, and then it will be applied to my first month’s bill for service, at which time I will receive a service agreement. If my town fails to qualify my deposit will be returned to me promptly. If I move or change my mind, I may request in writing that my deposit be refunded in full with interest.