WiredWest Documents

(See also Information for Towns & Delegates and Recent Info in the Delegates section for more detailed info.)

Executive Summary of Network Operations and Service Agreement with Cash Flow Diagram

WiredWest Service Agreement with Towns

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between towns and WiredWest

Depreciation Reserve for Internet MLP’s

Warrant Article to Establish MLP Board

Resolutions for Selectmen to sign (2/4/2017)

Suggested Resolution for Regional Broadband

Operations and Maintenance RFI

Plan A2 Structural Change

Plan A2 (see also: WiredWest Regional Broadband Solution )

WiredWest Analysis of the Benefits of Regionalization

Rebuttal to the Statement by the Massachusetts Broadband Institute of December 1, 2015

WiredWest Proposed Operating Agreement (Historical 2-10-2016) (this was the agreement to form an LLC with proportional joint ownership of the network.)

Legal Notes Regarding Regional MLP Operation and Collaboration

MBI – WiredWest Joint Presentation: Solving the Last Mile, Nov 2014 (historical, this was the original Last Mile plan that MBI later rejected)

WiredWest Bylaws

WiredWest Town Meeting Documents

WiredWest Videos

  • America’s Broadband Major, Graham Richard Graham Richard speaks to WiredWest about the importance of high performance broadband to job retention, job growth and economic development for a region.
  • WiredWest: Fiber Now! Local residents, businesspeople, educators, legislators and community leaders talk about the challenges for Western Massachusetts of inadequate broadband – and the possibilities that a state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home network would offer.
  • Massachusetts Towns Form WiredWest Cooperative Video of the August 13, 2011 official formation of the WiredWest Cooperative.
  • WiredWest on WGBY’s Connecting Point WiredWest Executive Committee members Monica Webb and Steve Nelson interviewed about the project on WGBY’s Connecting Point.

Fiber-optic and municipal network information

Following is information on fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and municipal networks – and their benefits to communities.