Our Vision

High-speed internet access is now a necessity, not a luxury. Availability of superior telecommunications service is as fundamental to the future of our communities as was electricity in the last century.  Local initiative is critical to ensure success.

We need a network capable of meeting the current and future bandwidth needs of residents, businesses, schools, health care providers, nonprofits and governments.

We need a network that will enable regional commerce, be financially sustainable, retain revenues from telecommunications services in the region, and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide planning, technical, and operational support to the member WiredWest MLPs by

  • negotiating contracts for ISP, phone, and network maintenance
  • providing accounting, auditing, legal and other ancillary services to our member MLPs
  • spreading the risks involved in running a fiber network across multiple towns
  • providing ISP and phone services to customers at the lowest possible prices
  • returning any excess revenue to the member MLPs to help defray debt service and depreciation reserve requirements
  • advocating for polices that benefit our member MLPs.

Our Values

  • Universal Access: we believe every home, business, and nonprofit deserves access to 21st century telecommunications.
  • Community controlled: Participating towns have a role in governance and oversight of the organization, to ensure that our policies represent the best interests of our member MLPs.
  • Financially Sustainable: The business model must be realistic in its assumptions, and be built on the premise that there are sufficient revenues to cover the operational costs of the member MLPs.
  • Focus on service and affordability: we will strive to enable the provision of comprehensive, high quality services, with secure, reliable connections, and at affordable rates.