Our Vision

High-speed internet access is now a necessity, not a luxury. Availability of superior telecommunications service is as fundamental to the future of our communities as was electricity in the last century – and taking local initiative to ensure success is just as paramount today as it was then.

We need a network capable of handling the future bandwidth needs of residents, businesses, schools, healthcare providers and governments. We need a network that will enable regional commerce; be financially sustainable; and retain revenues from telecommunications services in the region. And we need a network that serves all.

The only construct that meets these requirements is a regional community-owned, universal, fiber-to-the-home network. It’s a large and complicated project, but nevertheless achievable through local stewardship and the economies of scale our vast region provides, which will ultimately enable us to secure the vitality and prosperity of our communities today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to – as expeditiously and prudently as possible – plan, build and operate a community-owned, fiber-optic network that enables the provision of comprehensive, affordable, reliable and high-quality internet, phone, video and ancillary services to all residents, businesses and institutions who are interested, in participating WiredWest towns.

Our Values

  • Universal Access: We believe every home and business deserves access to 21st century telecommunications.
  • Community-Owned: Participating towns have a role in governance and oversight of the organization, to ensure policies represent the best interests of our communities and our region.
  • Financially Sustainable: The business model must be realistic in its assumptions, and be built on the premise that there are sufficient revenues to cover operational costs, debt service and repayment of capital investment within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Focus on Service and Affordability: We will strive to enable the provision of comprehensive, high quality services, with secure, reliable connections, and at affordable rates.
  • Future-proof: Building a high capacity network for our region is essential – but the upfront costs are high. Thus, the network must last a long time and be capable of highly scalable, economic upgrades as needs increase.