Town of Rowe

We are now accepting signups for service. Rowe residents please go to to sign up.

If you took the survey that was posted here before March 28, then you will need to sign up officially at:

The official signup website looks like the image below, so unless you signed up at that site, you’ll need to click on the image to take you to the site:

State-of-the-art Gigabit Service for $75/month*. Here’s what’s included:
• FREE installation if you sign up by May 15
• FREE equipment and Wifi • No contracts
• Optional full service phone for $19.99/mo (plus taxes and fees)
*One-time $99 activation fee is required. Slower economy plan available for $59/mo.

We don’t offer TV service, however once you have true broadband, there are numerous TV and Movie Streaming services available online. To find the best package with the channels you like, go to

Check back for updates.

Network Build Progress as of May 6, 2019

  • State Grant first 3 disbursements received
  • Pole survey complete,  pole applications submitted, make-ready work complete and licenses obtained from National Grid and Verizon.
  • Fiber design complete.
  • New poles installed where needed on Davis Mine Rd, Cross Rd, and Ford Hill Rd. Also, new conduit on Davenport Rd installed.
  • Contract signed with Sertex to install fiber. Construction underway as of Feb 4 with WG&E as Owner’s Project Manager.
  • Site prep done and Equipment hut delivered next to Gracy House. Equipment has been ordered. Passive components installed.
  • Estimated to complete distribution network and start service installations in June 2019.
  • More than 70% of Residents have signed up for service.

Please check back for updates.

Drop (Installation) Policy and Surcharge

Anyone who signs up for service prior to May 15 will receive free ‘standard’ installation. Note that there is a separate one-time $99 activation fee for starting up service that is separate than physical installation. After May 15, we will offer free installation so long as available funds last. Installations will be taking place in June, July and August.

At this time, we do not plan to add any surcharge to the WiredWest prices for service. Debt service and depreciation reserve costs will initially be paid out of tax revenue. If we receive excess revenue at the end of any year, we will apply those to offset the depreciation reserve contributions.

Please check back for updates.