Status of Windsor’s Broadband Initiative:

As of November 13
  • The network has been designed
  • Eversource make ready work is almost complete
  • For Verizon make ready work, Windsor is in line to be one of the next towns to be completed
  • TriWire, a large national firm, has been contracted to build Windsor’s distribution network as soon as Verizon completes their work; projected date December 31.
  • The Hut is in and connected, just waiting for the electronics to be installed
  • Windsor is part of the WiredWest collaborative of MLP’s which will run the business operations for our network.
  • We have hired Westfield Gas & Electric/Whip City Fiber to be our Owners Project Manager for the build as they have been for the design and make ready segments of the project.
  • Whip City Fiber will be our Internet Service Provider and Network Operator
Due to the delay in completion of Make ‘Ready work, the time line for signing up for broadband and the construction of our distribution network has been delayed a bit.  We now plan to have our sign up kick off information meeting on January 11 at which time we will show you how to access the sign up page for on line subscription.

At the end of that meeting, the MLP manager, Douglas McNally, will be available to review the costs of connecting individual residences and Whip City Fiber will assist residents in subscribing on site.

Prior to the end of October, flexible conduit for buried fiber will be available at cost at the town garage, for homeowners with buried service who wish to install the conduit themselves before the ground freezes. We will post that date as soon as it is finalized.

Updates will continue to be posted on this site, but will also be sent out periodically on an e mail list serve.  If you have not received past e mails and wish to be added to the list please send your preferred e mail address to and you will be added to the list.