Town of Washington

Project Status as of June 15, 2019

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For those who missed the April 13 info meeting, the Pricing & FAQs handout is available here.

Network Design

Our network design can be viewed online at


“Make-ready” is the process where utilities relocate existing wires and/or replace poles as needed to make room to accommodate our fiber attachments. Nearly all replacement poles have been set. Eversource and Verizon crews are now moving wires. We expect make-ready to continue into mid summer.


We have awarded our construction contract to Sertex. This same company has been working on the broadband fiber project in Rowe for the past few months. Our construction should begin within 30 days after Verizon and Eversource complete their make-ready. However, at this point, it is still difficult to predict when that will be. Currently our best guess is that construction could possibly begin in August.

Lower Valley Road Connector

Work continues on Lower Valley Rd to set underground conduit to connect the southeast part of town with the main network. Lower Valley Rd will be closed from just south of Cross Place Rd to the base of Johnson Hill Rd for several more weeks, as this project is proceeding more slowly than we’d hoped. Which also means it will be a while longer before the Highway crew can return to their regular summer road maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience throughout town.

The Central Office

The concrete shelter for the hub of our network is now in place on the east side of the Town Hall parking lot. There is a little more work yet to be done to hook up a backup generator and to finish re-grading and restoring the surrounding lawn. Special thanks to Dick Spencer, Dave Drugmand, and Frank Polizzi whose volunteer help has been invaluable in making this all happen.

Feel free to reach out to Kent Lew or Steve Nelson with any questions.