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We’ve reached 80% of the premises in town signed up but there’s room for more. You can still sign-up for free installation.

Home installations temporarily halted due to Covid-19 pandemic.  See Update below.


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Broadband Update – 3/21/2020

Unfortunately, Westfield Gas & Electric(WG&E) and Whip City Fiber (WCF) have announced that they need to temporarily suspend home installations in the interest of safety for their employees and our town residents.  This was a difficult decision for them to make, but public safety is paramount at this time. The WCF Customer Service Department will continue to notify those with scheduled installations of cancellations.

WG&E and WCF are. however, still working very hard to keep our project on track under the ever-changing circumstances created by the Covid-19 outbreak.  They announced today that for the present, they are continuing with the placement of the network distribution fiber and equipment along the roads.  We are very close to the completion of our town-wide network backbone, so we are glad that they are able to continue with this facet of the project. This will leave us in an excellent position once home installations start up again.

We will continue to update you as we know more.  Questions regarding service and installation should be directed to Whip City Fiber/WiredWest Customer Service at (833) 991-9378 or or Whip City Fiber/WiredWest Technical support at (833) 923-9378 or  Visit and for information about the installations, equipment, streaming, and more.  Please stay safe and stay well.

Email any questions to

Important Sign-up Details

  • Sign-ups will take place online. A sign-up link will be available on this site starting Sept. 21. A sign-up FAQ is located on this page (see below).
  • You will need an email in order to sign up as all bills will be sent to you by email.
  • All service payments will be made online.
  • You will not be billed until your service is installed and activated.
  • Even if you signed up for WiredWest and gave a $49 deposit, you will need to sign up again. The $49 deposit plus interest will be applied as a credit on your first bill.
  • There will be a one-time activation fee of $99 that will appear on your first bill.
  • For the vast majority of subscribers who sign up during our sign-up period, standard installation will be free.
  • Renters: Please work with your landlord since only the homeowners can authorize installation.


The Broadband Committee recommends that users select the 1 gigabit service. Not only is this forty times faster than the economy plan for only a minimal cost increase, but the extra cost will benefit the town by making the system more financially secure and less dependent on the town for any funding.

Phone service has an additional charge for fees and taxes. Based on what we’re seeing for other towns, we expect these to be approximately $4.30 per month. We don’t have any control over this cost.

Email request

To simplify communication as the project moves forward, we are requesting that New Salem residents supply us with their email address. 

  • You can send an email to with your name, New Salem property address and your preferred email address. Alternatively, there is a display at the library with forms that can be completed with this information.
  • If you do not have an email address we can provide help to sign up for one.  You can find forms to request this assistance at the library. You will need an email address to sign up for a New Salem internet connection when it become available.


Sign-Up FAQ Download

Additionally, if you go to the Whip City page for New Salem at you will have access to additional information including additional FAQs.

Advantages of Our Network

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