Town Specific Info

Each town is building it’s own network. Once complete, operations of the networks will be managed by WiredWest. Since each town is building it’s own infrastructure, it will be up to each town to determine policies for ‘drops’ and surcharges (MLP fees).

A ‘drop’, or installation, is the physical connection from the distribution network to a premise. A fiber line will be brought from the lines along the road into the building and connect to a small box called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that converts the optical signal into an electrical one. That will connect via an ethernet cable to a wifi router to provide service in the home or office. Sometimes this may require pole replacement, new poles and/or new underground conduit to be installed. Each town will determine how much of the installation cost will be provided by the town or charged to the customer. This is different than the $99 one-time activation for starting up service with WiredWest.

The prices for service charged by WiredWest cover operational costs. Because each town owns it’s own network, it is up to each town to pay for debt service and depreciation reserves. This can be done by a combination of taxes and surcharges (ie MLP fee) for service. Each town will decide whether to impose a surcharge on customers to cover these costs and if so, how much it will be.

In this section, you’ll find pages for each town will specific information about such things as:

  • Progress in network construction
  • Installation or ‘Drop’ policy
  • Surcharge policy
  • Other town specific information

Here is the status of towns as of 10/26/2018

Town Grant Status Projected
Start Date
Ashfield Grant Received October 2019
Becket Grant Received  Signed
Blandford Grant Awarded January 2020  Signed
Charlemont Grant Awarded
Chesterfield Grant Awarded November 2019  Signed
Cummington Grant Awarded February 2020  Signed
Goshen Grant Awarded February 2020  Signed
Heath Grant Awarded October 2019  Signed
Leyden Contract signed
Middlefield Undecided  Signed
New Ashford Grant Received March 2019  Signed
New Salem Grant Received August 2019 Signed
Plainfield Grant received September 2019 Signed
Rowe Grant received March 2019 Signed
Shutesbury Grant received May 2019 Signed
Washington Grant Awarded July 2019 Signed
Wendell Grant Received October 2019 Signed
Windsor Grant Received November 2019 Signed

7916 potential subscribers.