The Board of Directors

The WiredWest Communications Cooperative Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of delegates from member towns. To become a member town, towns must pass the Municipal Light Plant legislation at town meetings, raise the membership joining fee, and have the Select Board authorize their membership.

Each town has one vote on the Board of Directors and assigns a delegate and an alternate to represent them. Here is a list of delegates and alternates for the official member towns of the WiredWest Cooperative.

AshfieldDavid KulpMark Graves
BecketJeremy DunnRobert Gross
GoshenBob LabrieDave Christopolis
HeathArt SchwengerSheila Litchfield
LeydenSheila HourihanAlbert Woodhull
New SalemMaryEllen KennedyKathy Soule-Regine
RoweDavid DvoreRuss Jolly
ShutesburyCraig MartinAyres Hall
WashingtonSteve NelsonKent Lew
WindsorDouglas McNally