There is a one- time $99 activation fee on al l accounts.
Your town’s MLP may choose to add a monthly MLP fee to he lp defray depreciation reserve requirements and debt service for the money borrowed to build the network.

Getting Connected

When you sign up for service, your town’s MLP will bring a fiber connection from the network at the road to your house. The cost of this “drop” to your home will depend on how far you are from the road and whether you have overhead or underground utility service. The cost to you for this drop will depend on the available construction funds that your MLP has to work with.

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Working Together

The towns of Becket, New Salem, Rowe, Washington and Windsor are charter member of WiredWest, a municipal co-op formed to bring broadband to towns in Western Massachusetts. WiredWest will be your towns Internet Service Provider and has contracted with Whip City Fiber to operate the network and serve our customers.

Why are the towns of Becket, New Salem, Rowe, Washington, and Windsor working with WiredWest?
By serving its member towns on a regional basis, WiredWest will reduce the administrative burden, cost and risks of owning and operating a fiber network. Customers will pay WiredWest for services, and as a non-profit cooperative, it will return excess revenues to its member towns.

What does Whip City Fiber do? Whip City Fiber is an internet service provider owned and operated by Westfield Gas + Electric. It has a successful track record serving customers in the city of Westfield and is working with several towns in Western Massachusetts to launch broadband service over municipal fiber networks. As a subcontractor to WiredWest, Whip City Fiber will operate and maintain our network and deliver service to our customers.

Heath Joins WiredWest Charter Members

Welcome Heath

At the March 18 Board of Directors Meeting, Art Schwenger, the delegate from Heath, presented the signed contract to operate their network with WiredWest once it’s built. Heath has been a valued member of WiredWest since its inception, and has now committed to having WiredWest operate their network along with existing charter members: Becket, New Salem, Rowe, Washington, and Windsor.

Becket Joins WiredWest Charter Members

Welcome Becket

On January 8, the Town of Becket decided to sign on with WiredWest to operate their network once it’s built. Becket has been a valued member of WiredWest since it’s inception, and has contributed greatly to the formation of our policies and business model. They have now comitted to having WiredWest operate their network along with existing charter members: New Salem, Rowe, Washington, and Windsor.

The Benefits of Broadband

Watch streaming video without interruption. Get fast software downloads and updates. Play multiplayer video games. See family and friends as you talk to them on “video phone” applications like Skype. All with the reliability of fiber.

Doing schoolwork. More and more, kids have to use the internet to do school- work. Having high-speed internet at home can help them get better grades.

Running a home business. To compete effectively, you need high-speed internet to interact with customers, take and place orders, receive and send data, and get online training to increase your business skills and network with other professionals.

Getting medical attention. You’ll soon be able to consult with healthcare professionals and even get testing and monitoring without having to leave home.

Selling your home. Whether or not you actually take service, the availability of broadband in town will increase the value of your property should you sell it.

WiredWest: our cooperative solution for broadband internet in western Massachusetts

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Q. When will we actually get broadband?

Q. Will subscribers have to keep their Verizon phone service to get WiredWest’s broadband service?

Q. Who controls the subscriber rates?

Q: How does MBI play into this?

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Working together to build a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network to serve everyone and drive regional economic growth, create jobs, improve education and healthcare, and ensure a sustainable future for our communities.