Understanding WiredWest’s Role

Towns must first build their network. Once built, WiredWest will manage operation and expenses for member towns.

Procure Services

Towns considering doing this on their own should not underestimate the task. Drawing on a large pool of talented volunteers, WiredWest is able to:

  • Determine what services are needed.
  • Seek and vet potential vendors, consolidating where possible.
  • Use our large regional scale and competition to negotiate best prices and terms.
  • Negotiate a contract – consolidates legal expenses.
  • Oversee vendor performance.
  • Periodic renewal of limited term contracts insures competition going forward.

Infrastructure Expenses

As owners of our insfrastructure, towns have to cover insurance and other related costs. Consolidating these regionally helps more sparsely populated towns afford these costs without significantly impacting denser towns. Also, spreading risk over the region reduces the chance of a catastrophic event devastating a single town. Aggregating shared bandwidth reduces cost.

Cash Management

WiredWest will maintain cash reserves and return profits to our towns. An annual review of finances will determine how much can be returned and as take rates grow, whether we can lower prices.

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