August 2017

WiredWest Financial and Business Management Procedures

August 17th, 2017|Documents|

WiredWest Management The WiredWest Executive Committee (which comprises a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, Clerk, and up to four additional ackhauloard members) will continue to serve on a volunteer basis and be intimately involved with the affairs of WiredWest on a volunteer basis. The Executive Committee will meet twice a month to discuss and [...]

January 2011

Towns Move Forward to Create WiredWest Governance

January 7th, 2011|News - Archived|

In September, delegates from WiredWest Charter Towns chose a governance structure to be voted on by individual towns. Governance is critical to formalizing the relationship between participating WiredWest towns and creating a vehicle to capitalize and operate the network that was designed and made by The chosen governance structure for the WiredWest organization is [...]