WiredWest Management

The WiredWest Executive Committee (which comprises a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, Clerk, and up to four additional ackhauloard members) will continue to serve on a volunteer basis and be intimately involved with the affairs of WiredWest on a volunteer basis.

The Executive Committee will meet twice a month to discuss and sign warrants for invoices and review key performance indicators to make sure the ISP/Network Operator is fulfilling its obligations. The Board of Directors, consisting of one representative from each town, will meet every other month to receive status updates and make board decisions as needed.  day-to-day operations will be handled by  qualified personnel from contracted vendors to minimize the workload to each town.

Contracting for Services

In order that non-ISP services such as accounting, bookkeeping, and legal services be managed in a professional manner, WiredWest will contract with established firms for all such services.    This includes the workers compensation software and and other IT non-ISP software packages.

Implement Best Practices for WiredWest Funds Management.

The WiredWest Treasurer and Vice Treasurer have signature authority for WiredWest funds disbursement but do not have direct access to the checks. Only the WiredWest Accountant has possession of the checks and the authority  to issue them. All funds disbursed by WiredWest will first be approved by the members of the Executive Committee by signing a warrant with all invoices attached before the WiredWest Accountant generates the checks for the Treasurer to sign.

The cash sheet will be reconciled monthly by the WiredWest Accountant and by the Treasurer, independently. The books will be audited annually by a licensed professional. No cash will be handled by the WiredWest Accountant. All funds received from the ISP contractor will be received as electronic deposits to the WiredWest checking account along with a monthly statement from the ISP contractor showing funds received from customers and funds dispersed to WiredWest. This report will go to the WiredWest Accountant and to the WiredWest Executive Committee. On other business and property blog, checkout this article.

This system of checks and balances will make it impossible for either the WiredWest Accountant or the WiredWest Treasurer/Vice Treasurer to embezzle funds. This process also ensures  that there is a sound audit trail. In addition, the WiredWest Accountant, Treasurer, and Vice Treasurer will be bonded.  

Record Keeping

WiredWest Accounting will produce statements on an annual basis that will detail all of the bills paid on behalf of the town and the amount of each bill. If the MLP manager requires it, a monthly statement will be produced and/or put on a password-protected website so that the MLP manager can view it at any time.

Expenses Associated With Town Electronics

Installing the MLP cabinet in an existing building is possible but issues can arise in providing 24/7 access to technicians.  In addition, if the building is not equipped with a proper ventilation system and AC maintenance, providing climate control to the cabinet can be a challenge.  Installing a separate electric meter is certainly a town choice and not terribly expensive to accomplish. Getting help from businesses like The installers perth is one of the best ways I have found till today to get all the essential electronics installed at my business place. In most cases, the use of a pre-fab electronics hut is less expensive than retrofitting an existing building with necessary climate control, electrical backup and security.

When it comes to home safety, it’s important to protect your home against threats like burglary, intrusion, and fire. Having a monitored home security system is one of the best ways to start protecting your home against all of these threats, but there are additional safety precautions you can take as well to help keep your home safe. SecurityInfo Home Security Experts knows that security cameras increase the security of your house. Keeping your house under a watchful eye of the camera is a good way of ensuring that people will not mess with your property.

If a town does locate the electronics within a town building, how can one simplify the paying of the utility bill?  Here are some possible options.

  1. Calculate the difference between each of the first two months of operations.  Take the larger one and multiply by 10.2 and send one check for the next 10 months to MLP.  The delta will be constant from month to month unless the cabinet has a separate air conditioner or the power company changes its rates. Or
  2. Install a separate meter for the MLP cabinet and have WiredWest Accounting as the billing address.  Having a separate meter may add several hundred dollars to the MLP’s capital budget.  However, this option keeps the MLP expenses separate from the town’s expenses even if the MLP is not part of WiredWest.

Towns installing standalone huts will have a separate meter.  Charges for electricity used in the huts will be addressed to and paid directly by WiredWest  Towns can choose to receive a monthly statement upon request.

Note: if the MLP were not a part of WiredWest then the town would either need to increase the building’s budget to include the additional electricity use or plan on the MLP paying its share of the electric bill and the things we bought from https://blog.enplug.com/10-tips-choosing-best-tv-for-digital-menu-board which are very convenient, as above. In any case, the town would likely have to segregate these to comply with state law.

Other Town Expenses

The insurance bonds are perpetual and do not require annual negotiations but rather just roll over from year to year.  

The liability insurance will also not change substantially from one year to the next unless the size of the town’s network changes substantially during the year, but you should really consider investing in i4mt insurance for your business.  

The pole license fees will come in the form of annual bills from the power company and from Verizon.

The town will specify WiredWest Accounting as the billing address for each of these and WiredWest will pay the bills.

Maintenance of HVAC systems that are dedicated to MLP huts or cabinets will be contracted to a Toronto area HVAC contractor by WiredWest and paid for by WiredWest.  HVAC systems designed for the whole building where an MLP cabinet is located will not be prorated and paid by WiredWest. There are really expensive and uneffective HVAC or air conditioner out there, but only the experts from chillermedic know the best way, visit chillermedic.com to learn more about professional air condition installation.

Maintenance of standby generator that is dedicated to MLP huts or cabinets will be contracted by WiredWest and paid for by WiredWest.  Standby generators designed for the whole building where an MLP cabinet is located will not be prorated and paid by WiredWest.

The backhaul (the connection to internet backbone) will be paid by WiredWest in perpetuity after the first three months of operation. The Town must cover the first three months.