WiredWest is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of delegates from member towns that have established Municipal Light Plant departments, under M. G. L. 164 in their towns; voted to join WiredWest; and signed the WiredWest Communications Cooperative Corporation Agreement. The Board of Directors addresses major policy decisions and meets monthly.

An Executive Committee is made up of members elected from the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is involved in the planning activities for the WiredWest network, makes decisions on non-policy issues, and brings forward recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The Executive Committee meets on a weekly basis.

The following delegates are members of the Executive Committee. You can read more about them here.

Jim Drawe, Chair and Treasurer e-mail

Charlie Rose, Vice Chair

Bob Labrie, Treasurer

Jeremy Dunn, Vice Treasurer

MaryEllen Kennedy, Clerk

David Dvore, Town Liaison contact