WiredWest has constructed this sample IRU agreement as a starting point for towns that need to use fiber network assets in an adjacent town to facilitate edge case situations. You will need to modify the document to suit your particular needs and should seek legal counsel before finalizing an agreement.

DISCLAIMER:  WiredWest is providing these sample documents on our website for your informational purposes only, and they do not constitute, nor are they intended to constitute, legal advice or legal opinions.  No attorney-client or fiduciary relationship is created by the posting of these documents.  WiredWest strongly advises you to seek legal counsel prior to using these sample documents or any provisions contained therein in actual transactions, as your use of them is undertaken solely at your own risk.  WiredWest, its members, attorneys, agents, consultants and advisors are not liable for any damages or liability under any theory whatsoever in connection with the posting of these sample documents on its website or your use of them for any purpose.