The Town of Shutesbury put out an RFI requesting information for Network Operator and Internet Service Provider services on their fiber network currently under construction. They have been willing to share the responses here to allow other towns to see what kind of responses to expect and compare these to WiredWest’s regional management plan. Keep in mind that Shutesbury is among the most desirable/profitable towns in our region due to their population density. Other towns may not get comparable offers. WG&E has stated that the response offered to Shutesbury is their standard offer and will be the same for any town. At the time of posting this, WiredWest is close to signing a contract with WG&E to provide services to towns participating in WiredWest’s regional plan.

Response from Westfield Gas & Electric (WG&E) dba Whip City Fiber:

Response from OTT:

Response from Crocker Communications: