This is a template for an InterGovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Westfield G&E for Fiber Network Design and Construction. It is based on an IGA approved by KP Law and has been accepted by WG&E. It should be customized for your town and reviewed by Town Counsel. Portions that are not necessary may be stripped out and substitutions for names and amounts for your Town may be made without consequence. If additions are made, WG&E will want to have them checked by their Counsel. They prefer sticking to what has already been approved. Take note of the notes. These notes indicate where your town might differ from the template information and data. The pricing and estimates may be obtained from WG&E. There is a estimator spreadsheet you can download below on this page, but you will need to check the particulars with WG&E.  The associated KP Law legal fees were paid for by WiredWest is provided to your town as one of the benefits of membership.

The red comments were inserted by WiredWest and should be removed in your final IGA. Towns/MLP’s should have their counsel check the IGA.

The estimator spreadsheet below is filled out for Rowe. You can download it and on the town data sheet, substitute the data for your town. You will have to get pricing from WG&E which varies according to whether you have a survey already done, whether Eversource is your electric company, etc. Note that Program Management on the spreadsheet is broking into the procurement items in Phase III and the Construction Project Management in Phase IV in the IGA.