Edge Cases

Edge cases are situations where premises in one town currently receive electric and phone service on lines from an adjacent town. In the original plan for a regional network, these didn’t matter because all would be served by the regional network regardless of which side of a town border they lived on. This is one of the many reasons we preferred building a regional network from the start.

Beginning in December of 2015, MBI began changing it’s policy to requiring towns to build and own individual networks. There are several possible solutions:

  • Make agreements with adjacent towns to provide service. This only works if the adjacent town is planning to proceed with building a network.
  • Buy or lease existing fiber that might be available to connect those edge case premises.
  • An IRU is permanent contractual agreement, that cannot be undone, between the owners of a communications system and a customer of that system. These may be useful if applicable.
  • Place new poles to bring fiber along routes necessary to reach those premises. A rough estimate of the cost is $75,000 per mile.

Since any additional cost for this purpose is directly attributable to MBI’s change in policy, consider asking MBI to pay for this.