The Executive Committee

WiredWest is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of delegates from member towns that have established Municipal Light Plant departments, under M. G. L. 164 in their towns; voted to join WiredWest; and signed the WiredWest Communications Cooperative Corporation Agreement. The Board of Directors addresses major policy decisions and meets monthly.

The Executive Committee is made up of members elected from the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is involved in the planning activities for the WiredWest network, makes decisions on non-policy issues, and brings forward recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The Executive Committee meets on a weekly basis.

The following delegates are members of the Executive Committee.

Jim is the Chair of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Finance Committee.

Jim spent 18 years as a project manager for Third National Bank, Bank of New England and Fleet Bank managing various software development projects and technology integration of acquired banks’ IT, operations, and branches. Following that, he worked for six years as a consultant managing KayBee Toys Year 2000 conversion; Gateway Computer’s Malaysia manufacturing operation year 2000 contingency planning; and developing policies, procedures, workflows, and templates to formalize and standardize Bank One’s Vendor Management practices to achieve CMM certification. Jim also managed the testing and vendor coordination for the Wall Street Journal’s conversion from manual to computer layout of the paper, and the development of policies, procedures, workflows, and templates and a reorganization plan for NY State Department of Labor IT Department. He has spent the last 6 years developing and managing websites for small and medium commercial and non profit clients.

Utilizing his financial industry experience, Jim has served for six years on the Cummington Finance Committee and 15 years as a selectman. He has also served six years on two school building committees, one resulting in a new $16million middle school and another a pending $20million rehabilitation of the regional high school to improve its energy efficiency.

Jim lives in the town of Cummington.

Charlie is Vice Chair.

Charley Rose has more than 35 years of experience working in commercial and public television and radio. He served in various management positions involving production, development and customer service at Maine Public Broadcasting and at WGBY in Springfield, MA.  He also worked in commercial radio in Maine for 12 years.  He won a regional Emmy Award for producing a weekly program about Maine businesses and has been nominated for several more.  Charley also worked for three years at Photonics Media in Pittsfield producing video content related to the industrial and medical uses of light, including fiber optic technology. He also has extensive retail customer service experience as a senior customer service representative at LL Bean in Maine and customer service manager for Textillery Weavers in Indiana.

Currently, Charley is a member of the Worthington Select Board; is development services support coordinator at WGBY, where he produces on-air fundraising and provides volunteer coordination and event support; is a consultant for Dwellworks, a location services company specializing in services for foreign executives and their families relocating to the area; and operates his own business providing video production and marketing services.

MaryEllen is the Clerk of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors.

MaryEllen has over 30 years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting large-scale corporate enterprise networks. Early on she participated in the creation, operation and technical support of one of the first corporate email networks, eventually scaling to over 100,000 users worldwide. An early advocate for Internet connectivity, she was a key player in adoption of email gateways and other services allowing employee access to (and from) the Internet, and creating new business opportunities in Internet hosting and ecommerce.  She was also on the core teams for 2 large corporate mergers, connecting independent networks with minimal service interruption and later part of the IT groups which developed and built new network architectures to enable employee and inter-company communications, leveraging the Internet to reduce cost and complexity.

MaryEllen loves living in in rural Massachusetts and inspired by the energy of the folks who work together to make sure our communities remain vibrant.  She is a also volunteer at the Quabbin Harvest food co-op and for the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival.

MaryEllen lives in the town of New Salem.

Bob is Treasurer and Chair of the Outreach Subcommittee.

Jeremy is Vice Treasurer.

David is the Town Liaison.

BA in Mathematics 1975 from Brown University
ME with specialty in Plasma Physics 1978 MIT

David worked as a Research Scientist at Aerodyne Research, Inc in Bedford, MA for 10 years before moving to Rowe, MA in 1988. Since then he has been self-employed doing free-lance work as a scientific programmer, computer consultant, and more recently website developer. David has been on Rowe’s Broadband Committee since 2006 and spent two terms on the Rowe Finance Committee.

David spends a couple of months each year at a monastery in the Himalayas (Sikkim) where he has created a custom Tibetan font and trained monks to use a desktop publishing system to preserve traditional sacred texts and drawings. Over the years he has witnessed Sikkim progress from barely having light bulbs to now having ubiquitous high speed internet and cell phone service while Western MA has languished. He looks forward to having more time to meditate once we get Broadband.

Craig is on the faculty in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he teaches biological and physical chemistry. His research focuses on understanding the biological system wherein sequences of DNA are converted to RNA in the cell (transcription), and on the folding of RNA into protein-like structures. His lab’s research has combined spectroscopic (fluorescence) measurements with numerical integration of coupled rate equations using the math/programming package Matlab and he has recently taught himself Python to analyze millions of RNA sequences from next generation sequencing. Having recently stepped down from a seven year run as Head of the Department of Chemistry, he is ready to tackle the important task of bringing broadband to Western Massachusetts.

Craig grew up in Los Angeles, CA (where they now have ubiquitous and competitive (and nevertheless pricey!) broadband). He received a B.A. from UC San Diego and a PhD from the California Institute of Technology, then came east in 1984 for postdoctoral research at Yale University. He arrived at UMass in 1988 and has lived in Shutesbury, MA for 23 years.