Information for Delegates

WiredWest Town & Delegate Liaison

Becky Torres is the Town and Delegate Liaison for WiredWest. Please contact her here.

WiredWest Meeting Information

Required Delegate Ethics Information

All WiredWest delegates and alternates are required to review and complete the following:

1. Review the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Open Meeting Law Guide and complete and submit the Acknowledgment of Receipt Form (OML).

2. Review the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Summary of Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees and complete and submit the Acknowledgment of Receipt of Conflict of Interest Materials.

3. Completion of State Ethics online training and submission of completion certificate.

All required submissions in #1 to #3 above should be given to the WiredWest Clerk.
They can be mailed to: WiredWest, Attn: Clerk, Old Courthouse, 99 Main Street, Northampton, MA, 01060.

WiredWest Bylaws & Policies

Articles for Town Newsletters

These are status updates or general articles about WiredWest that you can submit to your town newsletters.

November 2014 WiredWest / Massachusetts Broadband Institute Meeting Reference Information

WiredWest Support Card Tool Kit for Delegates

Note that some of the documents below will need to be customized to reflect your town-specific details. Look for information marked in <bold>.

Municipal Lighting Plant (MLP) Information

Additional Reference Information