WiredWest Documents

(See also Information for Towns & Delegates and Recent Info in the Delegates section for more detailed info.)

Depreciation Reserve for Internet MLP’s

Warrant Article to Establish MLP Board

Resolutions for Selectmen to sign (2/4/2017)

Suggested Resolution for Regional Broadband

Operations and Maintenance RFI

Plan A2 Structural Change

Plan A2 (see also: WiredWest Regional Broadband Solution )

WiredWest Analysis of the Benefits of Regionalization

Rebuttal to the Statement by the Massachusetts Broadband Institute of December 1, 2015

WiredWest Proposed Operating Agreement (Historical 2-10-2016) (this was the agreement to form an LLC with proportional joint ownership of the network.)

Legal Notes Regarding Regional MLP Operation and Collaboration

MBI – WiredWest Joint Presentation: Solving the Last Mile, Nov 2014 (historical, this was the original Last Mile plan that MBI later rejected)

WiredWest Town Meeting Documents

WiredWest Videos

  • America’s Broadband Major, Graham Richard Graham Richard speaks to WiredWest about the importance of high performance broadband to job retention, job growth and economic development for a region.
  • WiredWest: Fiber Now! Local residents, businesspeople, educators, legislators and community leaders talk about the challenges for Western Massachusetts of inadequate broadband – and the possibilities that a state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home network would offer.
  • Massachusetts Towns Form WiredWest Cooperative Video of the August 13, 2011 official formation of the WiredWest Cooperative.
  • WiredWest on WGBY’s Connecting Point WiredWest Executive Committee members Monica Webb and Steve Nelson interviewed about the project on WGBY’s Connecting Point.

Fiber-optic and municipal network information

Following is information on fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and municipal networks – and their benefits to communities.