The WiredWest Executive Committee is comprised of elected members from the WiredWest Board of Directors.

Monica Webb

Monica is Chair of the Executive Committee, Spokesperson, and Chair of the Marketing Committee.

Monica spent most of her career working in the financial services industry in Toronto, progressing through leadership roles in marketing and management, and eventually joining the senior management team of a financial technology subsidiary of a major financial firm. She was renowned for bringing strategic focus, organizational competence and innovation to her work. Much of her tenure was spent at Trimark, then Canada’s largest mutual fund company and most respected financial brand. The only two national marketing programs developed during her tenure that are still used today, 11 years later, were ones she led from their inception.

Monica brings expertise in marketing communications, including emerging media; event and project management; and business analysis to the WiredWest efforts. She also brings community organizing experience. Since moving to the Berkshires, Webb has operated a marketing consulting agency, built a green home and farm, and worked on civic issues of the environment, local affordable housing, and rural broadband equity in Western Massachusetts. She has served on a number of non-profit and town boards, including as Chair of the Town of Monterey’s former broadband committee, and Chair of the Southern Berkshire Technology Committee, a regional 11-town broadband consortium involved in the early efforts that led to WiredWest. At home, her best option is satellite internet, and as a result, she shares the frustration of those without high-speed internet access.

Monica has a B.A. in English from the University of Western Ontario. Monica lives in the town of Monterey.

Jim Drawe

Jim is the Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Finance Committee.

Jim spent 18 years as a project manager for Third National Bank, Bank of New England and Fleet Bank managing various software development projects and technology integration of acquired banks’ IT, operations, and branches. Following that, he worked for six years as a consultant managing KayBee Toys Year 2000 conversion; Gateway Computer’s Malaysia manufacturing operation year 2000 contingency planning; and developing policies, procedures, workflows, and templates to formalize and standardize Bank One’s Vendor Management practices to achieve CMM certification. Jim also managed the testing and vendor coordination for the Wall Street Journal’s conversion from manual to computer layout of the paper, and the development of policies, procedures, workflows, and templates and a reorganization plan for NY State Department of Labor IT Department. He has spent the last 6 years developing and managing websites for small and medium commercial and non profit clients.

Utilizing his financial industry experience, Jim has served for six years on the Cummington Finance Committee and 15 years as a selectman. He has also served six years on two school building committees, one resulting in a new $16million middle school and another a pending $20million rehabilitation of the regional high school to improve its energy efficiency.

Jim lives in the town of Cummington.

Jean Atwater-Williams

Jean is the Clerk of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors.

She owns and operates BizTech Associates, a technology firm specializing in helping small businesses, individuals and nonprofits effectively and affordably utilize computer, Internet and telecommunications technology. Over the course of her 30-year career, Jean has acquired hands on expertise in a number of different technical areas such as PC hardware and software setup, network configuration and troubleshooting, telecommunications and voice mail systems installation and programming, and custom database development, to name a few.

Jean has served on numerous boards and committees including the SNET Customer Insight Forum, Connecticut SL-1 Users Association, as well as civic and arts organizations such as the Rotary Club of Farmington, Connecticut and the Sandisfield Arts Center.

She is currently the Chair of the Sandisfield Technology Committee, as well as the town delegate to the MBI and Wired West. Although she finds it extremely challenging to do business from her home due to inadequate internet service (her only option is Satellite internet), she is committed to doing everything possible to bring state-of-the-art broadband internet to the citizens of her community and others like it.

Jean lives in the town of Sandisfield.

Kevin Donovan

Kevin’s work and volunteer leadership roles throughout his career have enabled him to apply his conciliation skills in the insurance, construction, real estate and electrical fields. He has lead in positions as a Business Owner, Board Presidents, Managing Director, Committee Chairs and Business Development roles. Kevin maintains his steadfast need for education through certifications, licensing and branches of study in his field of endeavors. He resides in Tolland with his wife and enjoys cycling, photography and country living with his family.

Holleran Greenberger

Holleran is chair of the Technology Committee.

 Becky Torres

Becky is the Town Liaison.