Costs and Financing

Q. Will the towns have to put up money?

A.Each town will have to come up with a one-time membership fee of $1,000 to join the Cooperative. This can be funded by the town itself or be raised privately on behalf of a town.

If a town wants to be a pilot town, one of the selection criteria is whether a town, or residents on behalf of town, has resources to commit to helping build out their town as a pilot. This is entirely optional.

WiredWest is working to structure the business model and financing in a way that does not necessitate the commitment of town funds for capital or operational costs. In the unlikely event that funds from towns became a requirement; a town would have the option whether or not to participate via a vote by citizens at a town meeting prior to any obligation.

Q. Will towns need to participate in bond offerings?

A.WiredWest is making every effort to structure the business model and financing to avoid the requirement of town bond guarantees. However, we cannot say for certain until we are into the financing process whether or not that’s unavoidable.

In the event towns need to put up guarantees for bonds in order to finance the buildout of a town, specific details on the offering and the guarantee would be available, and a town’s participation would be contingent on a town meeting vote prior to any obligation.

Q. How is the current work being funded?

A. Individual contributions by WiredWest activists continue to fund the organization, in addition to grants from MBI, the Central Berkshire Fund, and grants from our regional planning agencies to provide municipal legal assistance. We have also received significant in-kind services and support from our partners and supporters and volunteers.