Anchor Institutions

WiredWest is working on building a last-mile fiber optic network to connect towns and businesses to the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) 123 network, and provide superior high-speed internet, phone and video services to residents.

Below is information on important aspects of service to Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) over the MBI 123 network, including using WiredWest as a service provider.

Timing of Service from MBI

The MBI buildout is progressing on schedule. There are 37 different segments of the network to be lit up, and based on current information, that will be happening through the end of 2013.

Service Provider Options

Police Departments will have a connection via EOPPS using a state-selected service provider. Other CAIs will need to choose from internet service providers approved for the MBI 123 network. Some of the service provider selection decisions may be made at an organizational level, but every town hall, local board of health, fire department and some libraries and schools can select their provider to offer service over the MBI 123 network.

If your organization is solicited over the next few months by internet and phone service providers, please be sure to confirm the service will be provided over the MBI 123 network. No other type of service technology will provide the reliability, speed and bandwidth of a fiber-optic network.

WiredWest as your internet service provider (ISP)

WiredWest is a last mile fiber-optic network that is working to connect homes and businesses in our towns, and in some cases, will be able to provide service to larger CAIs as an ISP, as well as to businesses interested in fiber extensions from the network. For more information on using WiredWest as your ISP, please contact Glenn Cardinal at