MBI has supplied the following high-level project plan identifying major tasks only to be completed.  It is subject to change and may not be complete, but gives a reasonable picture of what’s involved.

MBI FTTP Project Plan Outline

   Requirement Gathering
   Pole Attachment Agreements
      Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
      Project Agreement
   Pole Collection/Make Ready
   Design/Engineering RFP
      RFP issued
      Responses Evaluation
      MassTech Board Approval, Selection and Contract Execution
      Technology/Vendor Recommendation
      Perform route and premise evaluation
      Develop route design
     Develop preliminary design
      Develop Final design
      Create construction bid packages
      Logistics/Material Acquisitions
         Network Equipment Acquisition/Staging
         OSP Material Acquisition/Staging
      Equipment Shelter/Hut
      Civil Construction
      Fiber span installations
   Systems Integration/Commissioning
   Network Operator signoff
   Internet Service Provider active
   Town Handover Package

Below is a tentative high-level dependency list:

  • Memorandum of Agreement – Execute agreement between MBI and town to start pole surveys
  • Attachment Agreements – Pay fees and execute agreements with Utility firms
  • Project Agreement – Execute agreement between MBI and town to proceed with project
  • Pole License Applications/Make Ready Payments – 30% of town contribution required prior to submission of pole applications
  • Design/Engineering – Requirements gathering, preliminary design reconciliation and preliminary design review and approval/denial
  • Make Ready Estimate – Review estimate and approve any necessary modifications to the project budget
  • Design Changes – Review and approve/deny any substantive changes to the preliminary design proposed by the design team, submitted as part of the final design
  • Right of Access (ROA) Agreements – Town required to get signoff from residents to allow access of construction firm on their property
  • Initial Construction Payment – 35% Payment to the MBI at time of Construction firm contract execution
  • Electrical Service Drop – Contract in place with electrical utility company for power to hut (if required)
  • Supplemental Construction Payment – 35% Payment to the MBI 120 days after Construction firm contract execution
  • Internet Service Provider – Contract in place with ISP (recommended that this is fully executed prior to testing and acceptance of network)
  • Network Operator – Contract in place with Network Operator (recommended that this is fully executed prior to testing and acceptance of network)
  • Project Management – A town designee will likely provide some oversight of the project and be the recipient of project status reports
  • Technical Review – A technically oriented town designee will likely provide a high level review of the project and may participate in the inspections
  • Insurance – Recommended that the Town has insurance in place just prior to network turnover (a little overlap is good)